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photo of Charles Gocher by Kerry Kugleman

Photo by Kerry Kugleman

Charles Gocher, 1952 – 2007

"I read a pop bio about Harry Houdini, and it inspired me to make it seem like I was breaking out of manacles and a straight jacket. So I played the drums like that — and I still do. It's an escapist reality, in a way!"

Charles Gocher, quoted in "Hiding in Plain Sight" by Mike McGonigal,
Seattle Weekly, April 14, 2004.


March 11, 2008


Beginning in May 2008 the founding and surviving members of Sun City Girls, Alan Bishop and Richard Bishop, are embarking on a tour of the US and Canada called The Brothers Unconnected: A tribute to Sun City Girls and Charles Gocher.

The tour begins in Seattle on Sunday, May 18 at The Triple Door and will continue across North America through early July. With this tour, Alan and Rick make good on their solemn vow to publicly honor Charlie, his memory, and his immense talent. Sun City Girls will no longer exist as a recording or performing entity and this tour also serves as a tribute to the legacy of the group.

Most dates will feature an opening 40 minute film of Charles Gocher's video works entitled The Handsome Stranger, which is equal parts demented, brilliant, hilarious, and inventive. This will be followed by two acoustic sets of Alan and Rick playing selected songs from the impossibly voluminous catalog of Sun City Girls material created during their 27 year history together, including several tracks written by and/or originally performed by Gocher.

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February 20, 2007

With deep regret, we must announce that Charles Gocher passed away on February 19th, 2007 in Seattle from a long battle with cancer at the age of 54. He is survived by the two of us who adopted him as a brother 25 years ago and his many friends around the world. He will be missed more than most could ever know. Our thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement during the past three, very difficult years. Many of you were not aware that Charles was ill and that's because he wanted it that way. Details of a memorial in his honor will be announced soon.

— Alan and Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls)
February 26, 2007

Our sincerest thanks for the many letters, messages, posts, and tributes all of you have sent to us this past week in support after the passing of Charlie. There were simply too many of them for us to even begin to respond to personally.

We have decided to hold a private memorial in Seattle for close friends only to celebrate his legacy. At a later date, when we can collect our thoughts to properly honor him, we will pay tribute to Charles at a public venue by screening films and displaying some of his drawings and photographs, and possibly perform some of his songs.

As many of you have suspected, Sun City Girls will no longer exist as a performing entity. Nor will any new recording projects be created utilizing the name Sun City Girls. There are many unreleased recordings and videos that will surface when time permits to release them.

— Alan and Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls)


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  • MySpace: Charles Gocher: Created by an old friend, and includes an art/photo slide show and more. "This website was created to honor my dearest friend and a friend to all. Any art/writings/stories originating from Charlie will be posted up and appreciated. I will be adding writings/poems from him soon as well. This is also a meeting place for like-minded people. Welcome."

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